September 2, 2012


Dr. Jeffrey Hudson -5th Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie

Jeff Hudson is the founder of Relson Gracie Columbus and the first to introduce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the Buckeye State.  His training began when he and some of his fellow Tae Kwon Do black belts watched the original Gracie’s in Action video.  Jeff has been teaching since 1993 and in that time has spent more time in private lessons with Relson than anyone.  His passion for the art has sent him on countless trips to the California Gracie Academy to learn and bring his knowledge back to friends and students in Columbus.  In March of 2003, Dr. Hudson was awarded the faxia preta (black belt) from Master Relson Gracie.
Jeff has produced numerous champion competitors and won his own championship title at the Pan-American Competition in 1999.  In addition, Jeff is the owner/operator of Hudson Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Center featuring the Pettibon System of Spinal Correction and Science Based Nutrition.   Currently, Jeff is the instructor for the advanced classes.


Professor Robin Gieseler – 4th Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie


Robin Gieseler began his training in Jiu-Jitsu in 1994 after watching Royce Gracie defeat a much larger Dan Severn in the Ultimate Fighting Championship IV.  Robin is a 4th degree black belt under Relson Gracie/Jeff Hudson and is the main instructor at the academy teaching the majority of the adult classes as well as the Kid’s Program.

Robin has competed in some of the world’s largest competitions, winning the Gracie Nationals and Arnold Gracie World Championships multiple times. Most recently he earned a bronze medal at the 2010 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship in California. He placed 2nd in the heavy weight masters black belt division at the 2008 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships.


 Dave Tabron – Black Belt

Dave teaches class on Monday nights as well as assisting with kids classes on Thursdays. He has competed in major tournaments all across the country and likes to quote his favorite MMA fighter, Kazushi Sakuraba regarding his record: “I’ve won a lot, and I’ve lost a lot”. Dave has over 20 years experience as a wrestler and coach.  When not on the mat in competition Dave can be heard from across the building coaching his teammates at mat side.

Dave has a Bachelors degree in philosophy and over 10 years professional sports and recreation experience. Not the spectator type, he has participated in football, wrestling, volleyball, hockey, mountain biking, and is the self professed “worst kickboxer in the world”.Dave believes Gracie Jiu Jitsu holds countless benefits depending on what you want to get out of it and tries to blend all of these into his training and teaching. For children it teaches fitness, discipline, and confidence through implementation, “Don’t talk, DO.” For adults gives to students what jiu jitsu has given to him: Strength, Confidence, Discipline, and most importantly FUN.



BJ Nelson – Black Belt


Founding member of the Super System – Bio coming soon


Derek Oney –  Brown Belt under Robin Gieseler

Derek Oney is Gracie Ohio’s wrestling coach. His jiu-jitsu accolades include being the 2004 Can Am Jiu-Jitsu winner and 2004 Gracie National Jiu-jitsu belt winner (No Gi).

In addition to the role he fills at our academy, he has served as Head Wrestling Coach at Marion Franklin High school since 2002 where he was awarded 2008 Coach of the Year. Previously, he was the Assistant Wrestling Coach for Mount Union College from 1999-2002. Derek was a 3 year Varsity Letter winner at Ohio University in Wrestling (158 lbs, 167 lbs, 174 lbs) after which he was inducted into the Stark County Wrestling Hall Of fame in 2002. Oney was also Stark County Wrestler of the Year in 1995, the same year that he was Ohio State-Runner-up at 152 lbs. He was a 2 time State Qualifier at 152 lbs and a 3 time district Qualifier.


Fritz Goss – 6th Degree Judo Instructor

Fritz Goss began his judo career in 1967 at Ohio State University with Sensei George Funakoshi, after playing football and wrestling in high school and 1 year at Otterbein college. He won his first (of many) Ohio AAU Judo State Championship in 1968, achieved black belt and won the Big Ten Judo Championship in 1970, while placing fourth in the AAU National Championships 172lb. division. In 1971-72, Fritz served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and as judo instructor to Seal Team One in Coronado, California, winning the All-Navy Judo Championship both years and the Sasebo Young Man’s 1971 Championship in Japan. After his honorable discharge from the Navy in 1972, he won a one month trip to the Munich Olympics in the fall of 1972 with an Ohio touring team, training with the U.S. Olympic team and fighting exhibition fights throughout Germany and Switzerland.

In 1973 he ban a 28-year career as a teacher and counselor in the Columbus Public Schools, at South H.S., Mifflin H.S., Westmoor M.S. and Wedgewood M.S. He resumed training at Ohio State Judo Club with judo national champions, Dean Tower and John Saylor. He continued training and finished 4th in the AAU Nationals in 1976 and 1978 and was selected to participate in the 172lb. class in the first National Sports Festival in Colorado Springs at the national Sports Training Center. He was the Sensei at the Columbus Hilltop YMCA Judo Club from 1978-1988 coaching numerous state champions and two national champions, Bryan Kazee and Molly See.

In 1987 Fritz won the National Judo Master’s Championship and in 1997, at age 50, he came out of retirement to fight the young boys in jujitsu. winning the 180lb. division of the Battle of Columbus Jujitsu Tournament and the Ohio State Martial Arts Championships, losing only the Grand Championship match to the heavyweight champion, for a 9-1 record, after which he retired again. He received his Rokudan (6th degree Black Belt) in 2005 from the Judo Black Belt Association and writes occasional training articles for his old training partner and best friend, John Saylor, founder of Shingitai Jujitsu. Fritz lives in Worthington with his wife Kate, son Danny and daughter Nora, where he works as the Founder and CEO of Goss Financial Services.

Fritz is available for private lessons. Please contact him at for more information.