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Go to Little Champs Ages 3-5

Little Champs Ages 3-5

Limited availability! Due to the incredible growth of our youth programs we are excited to announce our newest program for 3-5 year olds. This class is designed to teach your child the basic movements of jiu-jitsu in a fun and engaging high energy class.

Go to Juniors 1 Ages 6-8

Juniors 1 Ages 6-8

Classes for the Juniors 1 are entertaining as well as structured. With this age group we teach jiu-jitsu by almost disguising it in a series of games that develop proper balance, technique and positioning. If your child is having fun they will be engaged, if they are engaged they will learn.

Go to Juniors 2 – Ages 9-11 Juniors 3 – Ages 12-16

Juniors 2 – Ages 9-11 Juniors 3 – Ages 12-16

The juniors 2 and 3 class is the bridge from children’s jiu-jitsu to adult level classes. With these age groups jiu-jitsu itself becomes the game. Classes are structured in the same way the adult classes are to challenge your child and help their development into young adults.

Go to Adult Fundamentals

Adult Fundamentals

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the only art that gives you a realistic chance of defending yourself against a larger more aggressive attacker. The fundamentals program is our entry level, white to blue belt curriculum. This course is designed to make the student street ready by the time they reach blue belt. We focus on how to deal with the most common self defense situations with proper strategy, timing, technique and leverage. The student will learn the basic philosophy of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as well as be exposed to basic competition style techniques.

Go to Advanced Technique

Advanced Technique

Our Advanced Technique classes have something for everyone. For the beginner who is proficient in the fundamental techniques this class is the next step. The students will learn more expanded self defense techniques as well as develop the skills to deal with another experienced grappler. This class gives students of all levels to be able to train together allowing the beginners to gain experience with higher level jiu-jitsu practitioners and allow the experienced students to learn how to teach and become mentors.

Adult Programs: 10 Days for $10

Meet our Instructors

The Instructors of Gracie Ohio

Relson Gracie

President of Relson Gracie Association
Red Belt – 2nd Eldest Son of Grandmaster Helio Gracie

Dr. Jeffrey Hudson

5th Degree Black Belt Under Relson Gracie

Robin Gieseler

Head Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt Under Relson Gracie

Dave Tabron

1st Degree Black Belt Under Relson Gracie

Fred Pantaleano

Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt

Josh Simon

Josh Simon – First Degree Black Belt Under Relson Gracie.

6 Weeks for $129 - Kids only web special (includes uniform)

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